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 Virtual Tarot Card Reading 

I use tarot to validate my personal experience and to gain divine insight from my ancestors. I’m here to illuminate your strengths and to promote HEALING from energies that love and support you! My reading style is logical, compassionate, and unbiased! Through the reading I will offer helpful suggestions for personal growth and transformation that include topics such as herbal supplementation, nutrition, and various healing modalities like reiki, acupuncture, and massage. PLEASE allow me to share my passion for divination and spirituality with you!

Book your session HERE! 

There are no refunds for cancellation!

All readings are given via telephone.

60 Minute Seance or Mediumship

In your 60 mInute mediumship session,  we will contact  entities unseen in order to glean useful information. This service isn't relegated to contacting friends or family, but can also be utilized to communicate with spirits living within your private space. If you seek closure or insight, this service is an excellent way to get some answers. 

For all sessions, clients must pay a non-refundable fee to reserve your date and time. Upon completion of the service, you will be invoiced per hour.

Mediumship sessions can be held in your home or work space!

For booking, please contact me at

* There are no refunds for cancellation. 

Tarot Readings VIA Email

 Do you have a question but don't have the time to book a reading,  or would prefer to inquire about a matter anonymously? If so, Venmo $30 to @rheelightnerstudio then 

email the question to me at  I'll respond to your query within 48 hours. This service provides insight to a single question or email, and only obligates me to one tarot card reading. 

* There are no refunds for this service and fees must be paid in advance. 

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